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Manes & Tails Organization Summer 2007 Newsletter

'Willow' is our latest rescue. She is an 8 year old registered Thoroughbred mare who raced once, was a broodmare for a few seasons, then went out into the world. Willow's board is being sponsored by some of the Fans of Barbaro, members of the National Equine Rescue Coalition, and a good friend.

Willow has been schooled in both Dressage and Hunter/Jumper and she will be free leased according to what her preference is regarding disciplines. Willow will choose her 'new' person, and her new person will be very happy with her. Willow will not leave the state of New Jersey per our free lease contract.

Section 123 of the 2007 Farm Bill

Section 123 of the 2007 Farm bill essentially takes away state's rights regarding all things considered Agriculture. That includes horse slaughter. An excerpt from a report by The Center for Food Safety. "Forty consumer, environmental, farmer and animal welfare groups today announced their opposition to a sweeping provision in the 2007 Farm Bill that wipes out critical state and local authority to protect food safety, the environment, and humane animal treatment. The provision, Section 123 of Title I, was quietly inserted in the House bill several weeks ago by the Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Subcommittee.

"At a time when we have seen repeated food safety failures at FDA and USDA, we need more food safety protection, not less," states Jean Halloran, Director of Food Policy Initiatives at Consumers Union (publisher of Consumer Reports). "This clause would tie the hands of states on meat, poultry and genetically engineered food," she said.

Section 123 would prevent states and localities from passing any laws prohibiting commercial use of USDA-inspected products. "This could prevent a local health inspector at a supermarket from condemning rodent-contaminated meat or poultry that has begun to go bad," states Jean Halloran.

"Section 123 will subvert the principles of federalism and states' rights," states Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States. "If this appalling and outrageous measure is approved, agribusiness will accomplish what it could not achieve in state legislatures - the evisceration of state laws to protect horses from slaughter and a raft of other democratically approved animal welfare reforms."

"This poorly conceived provision should be dropped immediately," states Mendelson. "Just in the last several months we have seen problems with melamine in animal feed and ground beef contaminated with E. coli. Section 123 takes us backwards by removing existing protections we have at the state and local level. We need increased, not decreased food safety efforts," he said."

In addition to calling your members of Congress (once please), you may engage in a bit of 'slactivism' by signing the petition located on this page of the Organic Consumers Association. This page has the names and contact information for the sub-committee members for calls and faxing, and click on the 'take action' link to sign the petition.

Of course the reason there is such a strong pro-slaughter movement for all equids is due to Mad Cow disease and countries such as Japan being loathe to accept American beef. Horses and their cousins do not develop such diseases, however, they are loaded with drugs the labels of which are clearly marked 'Not for use on animals intended for human consumption.' USDA does not care about that. Neither does Cavel International.

Cavel Lawsuit

U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Kapala

Source: The News Journal

Excerpt: On June 1, U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Kapala granted Cavel International Inc., of DeKalb, Ill., a temporary restraining order, keeping the horse slaughterhouse's doors open as it challenges a new state law that would put the company out of business for good.

In his ruling, the judge said the plaintiffs stood "a better than negligible likelihood of success" -- which falls short of a good chance -- of sustaining its claim that restricting the export of horse meat would violate the Foreign Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

The judge was moved by Cavel's notice that in the five days after the law became effective on May 24, the slaughterhouse laid off 54 of its 63 employees and lost more than $350,000 in revenue. The company's payroll exceeds $2 million per year, and it pays more than $200,000 in annual taxes. End of excerpt.

On June 28, 2007 Judge Kapela denied Cavel's motion to extend the temporary restraing order:

Source: The Daily Chronicle

"On June 1, 2007, this court found that plaintiffs demonstrated a likelihood of success on the merits under the “better than negligible chance of succeeding” standard. Since that time, however, the court has conducted a trial on the merits, and considered the arguments and briefs of the parties and amici. Having done so, this court no longer believes that plaintiffs have shown a strong or even negligible likelihood of succeeding on the merits of the action pending before this court. Therefore, plaintiffs have not satisfied the first part of the applicable four part test and their motion is denied."

Lobbying 101

We do not endear ourselves to Congressional aides or their bosses with faxing campaigns and call in days. The Senate, where we need the most support to get horse slaughter banned, absolutely detests these tactics. At least one lobbyist who went to DC this past week, was literally thrown out of the House and Senate buildings. Such behavior is detrimental to the horses and those engaged in calling and faxing ad nauseum are simply wasting their time and money.

If anyone thinks that the congressional aides are not aware of when these campaigns are going to transpire, think again. Not one single horse protection forum has not been infiltrated by the pro- slaughter faction. The aides simply turn the fax machines off and the party answering the phone never relays the messages - especially when their Senator or Representative does not support the bill.

Additionally, Senators and Representatives whom have already co-sponsored the legislation do NOT need to be contacted again. You can check if your one Representative and two Senators have co-sponsored their bills by clicking here for HR 503 and here for S.311.

For a change of pace, enjoy some beautiful videos of 'Rags to Riches' Belmont victory, the incredible Australian horse 'Phar Lap', British champions 'Red Rum' and 'Desert Orchid' among others. Videos can be downloaded by right clicking on the link,or viewed locally by clicking on the link. Depending upon your internet connection, the videos will not play until they are downloaded. Just click 'play' on your media player. All files are mpgs. Enjoy!

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