Manes & Tails Organization Equid Death Watch:  Washington, DC - Thursday, June 30, 2005.  USDA Market News: 1,984 Equids Slaughtered Week Ending 6-18-2005.  A total of 40,823 have been slaughtered since January 1, 2005.  A total of 3,201,969 have been slaughtered since January 1, 1985.   Write and call your Representatives and ask them to co-sponsor HR 503 and HR 297.  The 'Advocacy' link on this site has all Congressional contact information including phone and fax numbers & District Offices.  As of June 16, 2005, 2005 HR 503 has 106 co-sponsors.  HR 297 has 64 co-sponsors.    Write or call your Senators and ask them to co-sponsor S.576. S.576 has 7 co-sponsors.    WASHINGTON, DC January 20, 2005. New figures from the United States Department of Agriculture reveal an alarming increase in the number of horses slaughtered in the U.S. last year for human consumption overseas. Over 65,000 horses most of them racehorses, work horses or pets were slaughtered in 2004, a 28% increase on the previous year’s figures.   These figures do not include equids exported to Mexico, Canada, or Japan.  Mail a horseshoe with your letters to your Representatives.  Contact: if you need some horseshoes to send...Please sign the Petitions for HR 503 and HR 297...



'Doc Bar Briana' aka 'Tess' - rehabilitating beautifully with Mr. Glenn Benson of Countyline Farm.

Summer 2005 Newsletter


Vivian Grant Farrell Joins Our Board
'National Mounted Police Horse Appreciation Day' Article by Bill Heller
Muffy DeLorean Riggsdale and 'Bad' Bets at Belmont
Legislative Update - 'Cimmarron-Sky Act' in the Senate
Why We Fight

Vivian Grant Farrell Joins Our Board!!!

Vivian and her horse 'B.J' at Mrs. Dupont's farm in Maryland (Yes, THAT Mrs. Dupont...).

If you are a subscriber to 'Tuesdays Horse' then you know who Vivian is!  The International Fund For Horses was founded in 2003 by Vivian and not only is she working on horse issues worldwide, but she has been instrumental in providing well researched documentation submitted to Representative E. Whitfield (R-KY) regarding all horse bills currently before Congress.   We celebrate our first anniversary by including Vivian on our Board of Directors. 

Elle of Manes & Tails Organization is putting her JD to work (again) and has joined the Fund For Horses Advisory Board functioning as the Legal Research and Legislative Affairs Advisor.  Together we authored the refutation of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) positions regarding H.R. 503.  This document was distributed to all members of the House of Representatives when the Sweeny-Spratt Amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations bill came before the House for a recorded vote.  

The amendment passed by a landslide on June 8th, 2005.  Agriculture Committee Chair  Representative Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) was visibly furious during the debate and used poor argumentation, a photo of an emaciated horse that he claimed was a Mustang but  was not,  and 'fuzzy' math in an attempt to kill the amendment.  The amendment does not make horse slaughter illegal, rather it  prohibits funding of the USDA brand inspectors, plant inspectors, truck inspectors, border inspectors,  and meat inspection and certification.   The amendment makes it impossible for the horse slaughter industry to function in the United States.  The amendment has to pass in the Senate later this session.

'National Mounted Police Horse Appreciation Day' Article by Bill Heller

'After the Finish Line' author Bill Heller has just completed his article for The Thoroughbred Times about how former racehorses can work as Police horses.   On May 22, 2005, Manes and Tails Organization provided the impetus for this article when Mounted Police Horse Units across the United States were filmed for the first National event of its kind.  Representative Ed Whitfield of Kentucky read this day into the Congressional Record.   Boston - the oldest Mounted Unit in the Country - was filmed on the Boston Commons along with the Providence, RI, and Dover, NH forces.  Newark and Hoboken, New Jersey;  Baltimore, MD;  Lexington, KY;  Houston and Dallas, TX;  and Burbank, CA were included.  The article addresses who founded this day,  and why.  Many horses serving on Mounted Units are rescues.   The Baltimore Mounted Police Force uses only draft horses rescued from the Amish community - here are some photos taken by Abby Goodman from Johns-Hopkins University.



   'Flash' &  Officer Kelly Steinhorn

'Titan'  'Barney' and 'Flash' 'Barney' & Sgt. John Ambrose

Sadly, the NYPD was the only force not participating as the person 'in charge' preferred to eat sushi than agree to having the NYPD Mounties filmed.  Of course, he was more than willing to speak to Bill Heller for his article...  Instead, we have some photographs of NYPD horses and our favorite Mountie - Officer John Reilly - who rides 'Apple.'  Commissioner Ray Kelly won't be too happy to learn that he has been upstaged by the Boston's sorta a Yankees/BoSox thing...  We guarantee there is more to come on this issue.



Officer John Reilly riding 'Cannon.' 'Big Jack' & Elle - Jack's head is almost 1/4 the size of the puny human next to him... 'Zephyr' & Officer Savarese - Zephyr is one of three Fresians donated to NYPD.


Muffy DeLorean Riggsdale and 'Bad' Bets at Belmont

Muffy DeLorean Riggsdale doesn't like it when someone tells her a falsehood; like any horse, she doesn't forget.  Muffy was peeved when her ride to Belmont Park on race day evaporated at 7:45am.  Moreso, when Kathy from Bella Horse Rescue told her that the ride arrived 3 hours later than they said they would!  Muffy had already spent the money to print the petitions and receipts for fundraising; and the table was arranged with Bella Horse Rescue and Bill Heller.  Thus, Muffy was a tad annoyed - to say the least.  She lost the opportunity to advocate for the horses, and money.  What to do? The only thing any self-respecting horse lover would do - hedge the bets.  

Knowing that 'Afleet Alex' was the favorite - and also relatively unreported information that he is trained using the 'British' method (lots of turnout in between practices) which ensured his victory more than his Jockey - Muffy knew that 'Afleet Alex' was going to win.  Instead, Muffy gave 'tips' regarding another group of horses based upon their Jockeys - Edgar Prado riding 'Indy Storm',  Jerry Bailey aboard 'AP Arrow',  and Gary Stevens on 'Chekov.'   Muffy called this 'Malfecta' and these horses placed 4th, 5th and 6th respectively - just like she said the order would be.  Moral of the story, don't mess with Muffy DeLorean Riggsdale and expect a good bet.  We hope that one particular sushi lover who bet on these horses based on Muffy's 'tip' enjoyed losing their money.  Remember, it isn't nice to lie - especially on race day to gals who know horses!!!

Legislative Update - 'Cimmarron-Sky Act' in the Senate

On her 12th birthday, Sky Dutcher learned that her  horse 'Cimmarron' - a Morab which is an uncommon breed of horse worldwide - had been stolen,  purchased at a killer auction in New York State, and transported to Canada where he was slaughtered.  Although the local police were involved in the search for Cimmarron, they were a day too late in locating him.  As killer auctions across the country provide the perfect opportunity to make quick money from a stolen horse, 'Cimmarron and Sky' have a bill in the Senate named after them.  This is the Senate analog to H.R. 503 - 'The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act'.

The story of Cimmarron and Sky had a bi-partisan impact on Senators; the bill will be introduced by Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska and Vice-President of the Senate), Senator Olympia Snow (R-ME), and Senator Barak Obama (D-IL).  Sky will be invited to attend the introduction of this bill and will be given a tour of Congress by Jeff Miles - Representative Whitfield's Legislative Aide.

Cimmarron cannot ever be returned to Sky, however, the bill that bears their names will prevent similar incidents from ever occurring again. All Senators were horrified to learn what had happened to this little girl - and her horse - on her 12th birthday.  Personalization of this bill - a unique strategy developed by Manes & Tails Organization and the International Fund For Horses - will make it very difficult for the Senate to forget, and public awareness and corresponding pressure to pass this bill is anticipated to be high.  Read Cimmarron and Sky's  story here.  

 Why We Fight...

At the time of this photograph, this horse was still breathing and continued to do so until he was 'bled out'.  Note that he was hit by the captive bolt gun on his cheek - which is cruelty and in violation of USDA 'rules' for 'humane' slaughter - as if there is such a thing.


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