'Representative Senator Ed Butcher of Montana'

Dear Rep. Sen. Butcher,

The last few years ain't been easy for you. It must have hurt bad when you lost your state senate seat to Jon Tester after redistricting, so bad, you still wear a name badge that says "Representative Sen. Ed Butcher." Most people would have probably chosen to move on after four years, but not you. Have you ever wondered why that is? I mean it's more than a little obsessive, don't you think? Heck, it's down right unnatural.

Source: Patriot Boy

State Actions

There are a number of States that are attempting to introduce pro-slaughter legislation. They are:

1. Arizona, 2. Arkansas, 3. Illinois, 4. Kansas, 5. Minnesota, 6. Missouri, 7. Montana, 8. Nevada,
9. North Dakota, 10. South Dakota, 11. Tennessee, 12. Texas, 13. Utah, 14. Wyoming.

Arizona passed their ban on horse slaughter in December of 2005. Texas enforced their law in 2006. Illinois passed their ban in 2007. Utah has a 'backyard slaughterhouse' in their state.

Montana has already passed their bill and one must listen to the Montana Senate Subcommittee hearing on March 12, 2009 to try to understand why the state of Montana thinks their bill is legal. Representative Senator Butcher has the idea that some of his horses are 'livestock' and some are 'companion' animals. News flash for Butcher: The AVMA considers horses 'companion animals.' He is unaware of so many issues that he concocted a bill that disallows any citizen of Montana to sue if a slaughter plant is erected in their town.

Butcher also states that some horses 'do not deserve' the vet and 'mean' horses should be slaughtered. It is as if he sees horse slaughter as a punishment for all those 'mean' horses. Lucky for Butcher that he has a comrade in Sue Wallis from Wyoming.

Sue Wallis

Ms. Wallis states that she has only known about the alleged 'unwanted horse problem' for about a year. She has the idea that ALL of the wild horses and burros should be slaughtered to 'feed the hungry' in the United States. To that end she has created the 'Wyoming Agriculture Coalition.' Ms. Wallis does not understand that she has to BUY the BLM horses, and neither does her colleague Representative Senator Ed Butcher as he has the same plan for the BLM horses and burros in Montana.

Agritalk Radio interviewed Jim Sacia from Illinois who is attempting to repeal the Illinois state bill that banned horse slaughter. He states he is a horse lover and that slaughter is humane. He wants to keep horse slaughter in the United States because of the revenues the State of Illinois would gain. Next, in this episode from March 4, 2009, Agritalk radio - 'The Voice of Rural America' - defined the animal welfare advocates as 'Extremists' who are attacking the global food chain.

Action is being taken by advocates in each state. Apparently these people think anti-slaughter advocates are all vegans from PeTA.


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