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Paul Sorvino ~ Actor, Artist, Horse Advocate

Paul Sorvino Speaks Out Against Horse Slaughter

In March of 2008, Paul Sorvino and his daughter Amanda attended 'Hill Day' in Washington, DC. They met with Representatives and Senators urging them to cosponsor and pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. They were not alone and here you can watch the video of Mr. Sorvino addressing other activists at a reception.

Mr. Sorvino made a very powerful speech as he and Amanda rescue horses from the New Holland Auction in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Amanda rehabilitates the horses and is an outstanding equestrienne. The Sorvino's adopt the rehabilitated, retrained horses through their rescue 'Gray Dapple Thoroughbred Outreach.' Please visit their site for information regarding adoption. Thanks to Vicki Tobin for the video of Paul Sorvino. Used by permission from the Sorvino's and Ms. Tobin.


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