'All My Friends' by Lowell Herrero

Factory Farming ~ Fur Trapping ~ Circus Animals ~ Dogs as Food

The following page contains undercover videos taken by PETA and Compassion Over Killing of farm and fur animals being inhumanely abused and slaughtered in the United States; and dogs being killed for food in Korea.

This material is extremely graphic, however it is included here as laws meant to protect these animals are being violated and the USDA does nothing.  Knowledge is power, and if you can bring yourself to watch these films, you can learn about becoming a vegetarian or a vegan from the links posted on the next page.  You can also protest this treatment by writing to and calling your Senators and Representatives.

The video files require either the free Real Player or iTunes as noted.  Note that iTunes can play any media file with the exception of Real player files. You can view the page itself without watching the videos.



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