Manes and Tails Organization Newsletter ~ 10-6-09

'Wolf Advocate Jamie Dutcher ofIdaho'

There is a veryinteresting relationship between the extermination of our Nation's wolves and the wild horses and burros.There was a 65 year plus period of time when there was nary a wolf in the United States. In fact, we had toimport some from Canada to bring the species back into the US. They have since been delisted from theEndangered Species List again, along with the Polar Bears.
My take on this issimple:  many of the persons in positions of power who wantonly exterminate our endangeredspecies believe in the 'Creationist' theory of 'Intelligent Design.' Sarah Palin does, and she has quite thecollection of wolf paws that used to decorate the walls of her former gubernatorial office. Ms. Palin andothers whom believe in 'Intelligent design' do not see the contradiction inherent in their argument to eliminatethese species. If we accept that 'Intelligent Design' is a viable theory of 'ontology' (the philosophicalexamination of  the nature of our existence) then why do these persons believe that they can improveon the design created by a higher power and hold dominion over the same? That is a valid question and Iwould like some answers to my question. If these species were created by 'Intelligent Design' then thereshould be no quibbling about conserving them. We are not the higher power who created the design, so weshould re-evaluate our approach and respect the theory and accept that we cannot possibly improve on thedesign, we can only destroy it.
The Nokota horses inTheodore Roosevelt National Park are going to be 'gathered.' pardon me, rounded up and sent to auctionat the end of October. These horses are managed by the United States Park Service. Sue Pizzini an FrankKuntz were guests on our program in May to discuss their efforts to conserve the Nokota breed. You maylisten to that program here. It is well worth a listen as these horses are victims of the over zealous National Parks Service whoreally are acting to make the Nokota horses extinct. You may contact Sue to get thedetails.
Wednesday evening wewill be joined by Emmy Award Winners Jim and Jamie Dutcher whom are wolf advocates from Idaho.Here is a link to an interview that Jim and Jamie did with NPR in 2007. It is a six minute .mp3 file and youmay right click to download it here
The show starts at 9:30pm Eastern andruns for two hours. You can reach the show page here. If you would like to call in the callin number is: 718-664-6596. You need not call in to listen to the program as you may listen at the showpage. If you do want to call in press 1 and that will let us know that you would like to speak. We hope youwill join us as it will be a very informative program.
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