'Wild Horses' by Lawler

The Plight of America's Wild Horses & Burros

Cindy MacDonald has been fighting for our wild horses and burros and challenging the BLM since Conrad Burns, a former senator from the state of Montana, slipped an amendment into the Omnibus Appropriations bill in December of 2004. The Burns Amendment repealed the 'Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971.' That Act was shepherded through the years long legislative process by Velma Johnston also known as 'Wild Horse Annie.'

Ms. MacDonald has analyzed data from the BLM and based on the figures the BLM provided, her analysis shows that there are only 13.000 horses and burros remaining on the Federal lands. There are over 33,000 wild horses and burros in BLM holding facilities.

The BLM still has its adoption program, however, there are so many wild horses and burros in these facilities that it is possible, but improbable that all of the animals will find homes. Mrs. Madeleine Pickens has expressed her desire to buy one million acres of land and she wants to buy all of the horses and burros in the holding facilities. The stallions in captivity have all been gelded. The mares have been given drugs which essentially sterilizes them. The Humane Society of the United States offered up that idea that has had a terrible impact on the still free roaming mares.

Current legislation introduced in the House of Representatives - HR 1018 - passed. There is not yet a Senate companion bill.

Ms. MacDonald has provided her analysis for wide distribution. She has also created videos regarding the wild horses and burros that are on the range and in BLM holding facilities.

See 'American Herds' which details the statistical analysis she has done.

See 'Managing the Murder of Mustangs' to learn how the horses are captured, their families split up and their foals often die during the round-ups.

See 'Wild Horses Falling Through the Cracks' which is a tragic commentary on the cruelty imposed on these horses and burros.

Recently, Conrad Burns was interviewed by Steve Long of Horseback Magazine. Burns admitted that poorly trained 'illegals' were terrible at administering the captive bolt pistol. The captive bolt was designed for bovines, not equines and there is no way to restrain the horses. Burns said there must be a 'better' way to 'kill the horses' which shows his complete ignorance regarding slaughter of any animal. Animals being slaughtered for human consumption must be 'bled out' or 'exsanguinated' to be suitable for human consumption. Burns is now a lobbyist for the American Quarterhorse Association in their continued efforts to keep horse slaughter alive in the United States.

House Subcommittee Hearing on HR 1018 - 3-3-09 This hearing runs two hours in length.

Resources: American Herds


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