The Making of a Steinway Piano

Stateline Tack

~ Music ~

A smorgasbord of music. Some composed, arranged, performed and produced by Elle. The RCMP Song is by a Canadian comedy troupe 'The Arrogant Worms.' The acoustic songs were recorded at Platinum Island Recording Studio in New York City at 3am after a 'Madonna' session. 'I Still Cry' was recorded at Platinum Island in 1999.

'I Still Cry'  Composed for my father.

'Angels of the Kitchen' A throwback to the radio plays of the 1940s and 50s, this audio play takes a different interpretation of 'Satan.' Inspired by a book authored by Theologist Elaine Pagels. This runs 41 minutes. Authored by Christopher Laro with music by Elle.

'My Hemingway'  Composed for Christopher Laro. This song appeared in the Audio Play 'Angels of the Kitchen' by Christopher Laro.

'Blue Lullabye' Adaptation of George Gershwin's 'Prelude II.' Part George, part Elle.

'Sunny Day'  A melancholy little song...

'The RCMP Song'  This is hysterical! A Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer laments his job.

'Cows with Guns'  Another from the Arrogant Worms. The cows take over as they do not want to become hamburger.

Air and Simple Gifts ~ Arranged by John Williams  ~ For President Obama's Inauguration.

Little Light of Love ~ by R.X.R.A.


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