Manes & TailsOrganization Mission Statement

Manes & Tails Organization is a Domestic 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation that wasduly filed in accordance with New Jersey State Law on June 22, 2004. Our Corporation number is 040006115. Our EIN is: 90-018298. 

As a charitable organization designed to protect and promote equidwelfare, we:

* Rescue, rehabilitate, retrain, and re-home the most commonlyslaughtered breeds of horses - Quarterhorses, Thoroughbreds, andStandardbreds.  We do not sell our horses; we free lease themso that we retain ownership and can monitor the welfare of ourhorses. 

* Provide retirement homes for Mounted Police horses from forces in NewJersey and New York.

* Actively participate in the eradication of equid slaughter in theUnited States through advocacy, educationand  dissemination of information.

* Provide a community service by offering a need based boarding ratefor those whom may be in danger of losing their horse(s) due to currenteconomic conditions. 

* Will support rare breed conservancy with particular interest in theCleveland Bay, Akhal-Teke, and Fell Pony as determined by the AmericanLivestock Breeds Conservancy.

* We support barefootedness and holistic approaches to healthmanagement. Reiki and Chiropractic have benefited our horses as has the24/7 natural living modality. Our environment is as natural aspossible; this environment reduces stress and makes for happier,healthier equids.

* Manes & Tails Organization recognizes that we are not a national organization.Therefore, we will always promote other rescue organizations from allover the country so that people may find an animal to rescue close totheir home.

We are a member ofGuidestar.

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