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1989 ~ 2000


We have all loved and lost horses throughout our lives with them. Some due to tragic accidents, and some to old age.

Here we remember Manes & Tails horses, and some horses we never knew but their owners felt it important enough for others to know about whom they have loved and lost.

Manes and Tails Organization lost Bullie and Sahlih on the morning of August 17, 2000 when they escaped their pasture, got spooked by what we concluded to be deer, then ran down a mile long drive head on into traffic. Bullie was hit by a Ford F250 truck and was killed instantly. Sahlih was not so lucky. He was run over by a Ford Escort and was alive but beyond recovery. Both horses were free leased by Tracy Benson.

Our beloved Callie had to be euthanized on October 25, 2006 as he had presented with an inoperable turmor on his palate. Callie was a race horse until the age of six, then became a 'big timber horse' in North Carolina until the age of ten. Thereafter, he served as the Huntmaster's horse for the Far Hills Hunt in New Jersey. Manes and Tails Organization took custody of Callie in October of 1999. Callie was a gorgeous, tall, grandson of 'Secretariat' who definitely 'picked his people.' Callie was free leased to Julie Tanis of Columbia, NJ. Julie gave Callie the best retirement a horse could have; he was 23 years old when he passed.

Our Quarterhorse broodmare 'Mamie' suffered renal failure at the age of 23. She was euthanized on June 10, 2006. Mamie was never a riding horse, however we got her a job minding the weanlings on a Quarterhorse farm. She was perfect for the job and enjoyed every minute of her retirement.

2006 was an extremely heartbreaking year to us as we lost both of our senior horses within months of one another.

'Free Time' aka 'Fritz' was owned by Kim Nagle of Canada. Fritz was a gorgous Dutch Warmblood and you can read about him here.

Finally, there is 'Skylar' who served on the Camden, NJ Mounted Police Unit. Upon retiring from the Camden MPU, Skylar was donated to the Rutgers University Mounted Patrol. Skylar was an enormous horse; a Cleveland bay x Clydesdale. Here you can read about Skylar.

Although it is not realistic, we hope we do not have to add to this memorial for an extremely long time. Our condolences are extended to those whom have loved and lost the most magnificent creature on Earth - their horse.


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