'Exceller' - Theonly horse in racing history to defeat two Triple Crown Winners. He defeated 'Seattle Slew' and 'Affirmed' in the Jockey Club Gold Cup.

Exceller wasslaughtered in 1997.

Photo© Exceller Fund


Stateline Tack

The following videos have been produced byreliable sources including the Humane Society of the United States andThe Humane Farming Association.  The free
Real Player or Quicktime/iTunesPlayer arerequired.  These files are CD/DVD quality and ratherlarge. A DSL or Cable modem is recommended. 'Right click' todownload to yourhard drive for the best results. All are extremely graphic -- exceptthose marked with a *. 

  'BloodCountry - A Texas Shame'

Details the Legislativeproblems in Texas regarding Beltex and Dallas Crown which operate inviolation of a Texas law.  Mary S. Nash wasinvolved in the production of this film.  

   'Stable toSlaughter' - A film produced by The Humane Society of theUnited States. Real Player only. 

'Inside TheSlaughterhouse'

by Humane FarmingAssociation made available by Sharkonline.org   

ExtendedVersion of 'Inside the Slaughterhouse'

by Humane Farming Association

Japanese Slaughter of American Thoroughbreds

From PeTA

The Meat THEY Eat

From PeTA

    HSUS Exclusive Videoshowing brutality in Mexico, the United States and Canada.
This is a Real player file and will only play in the Real player.

CBSNews in Dallas report on Dallas Crown and Beltex 

Horse Slaughter in North Texas  - Mar 22,2004 9:20 pm US/Central
By CBS 11'S Tracy Rowlett. 
MaryS. Nash wasinterviewed in this report.
Requires Windows Media Player.

TheLife and Death of 'Ferdinand'

CBSNews - 'Ferdinand' was the 1986 winner of the KentuckyDerby. He was slaughtered in Japan in2002.

MaryTyler Moore discusses PreMarIn.

The Bitter Truth About Premarin

TheDestruction of the Masterpieces
Compiledby Ellen-Cathryn Nash 

Agritalk Pro Slaughter Radio Show

The American Horse 
by John Holland*

Reclaiming theAmerican Horse
byJulie Caramonte *


  Ahorseslaughtered in Texas. The horse is conscious when he comes out of theknock box and a worker stabs him in the heart to make him stop moving.

I WillRemember You

A photo essay from Mary S. Nash Org.

  Animals Angels HorseTransport in North America

  Depictsthe cruelty involved in transporting horses long distances in doubledecker trucks.

AnimalTransport to Slaughter

This report follows horses and other animals being trucked from as faras Mexico to Canada, and in other countries.

Listen to 'Lento'  from Symphony Number 3(Sad Songs) by Henryk Gorecki. .mp3 file.

Watch something pleasant* for a change!



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