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Manes & Tails Organization Fall 2007 Newsletter

Cavel: Relief Not Granted by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Judge Richard Posner

In an irrefutable decision with the opinion authored by Judge Richard Posner, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Cavel International could not slaughter horses in the State of Illinois as the new law would not burden foreign commerce. Judge Posner, an expert in Economics relied in large part on his expertise to formulate the rationale for his opinion. The largely dormant Commerce Clause of the Constitution was used by Judge Terry Means of the Texas High Court when he allowed the slaughterhouses in Texas to keep operating. His ruling was struck down in January of 2007 by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The attorneys for both sides presented very weak arguments. The Judges were less than impressed by Bo Derek's and other celebrities advocating to ban horse slaughter. The irony here is that the very argument Cavel was relying upon for relief is what ultimately closed them definitively. Judge Posner did note in his opinion that the State of Illinois could do a better job for their horses.

The Judges in this case exhibited brilliant Jurisprudence. They stated they received more information from the Amici briefs than the attorneys. There will not be an appeal by Cavel. Cavel Manager Jim Tucker has 'retired.' Cavel is slaughtering American horses in a new Canadian plant called 'Natural Valley.' The Canadian Horse Defense Coalition is actively working to ban slaughter in their Country. Please visit their site to see what we can do. Natural Valley is a new facility, however, there are others.

Oral arguments in this case can be heard here. The decision can be read here.

The following states have banned horse slaughter:


There is legislation pending in Kentucky, New York, and New Jersey to ban slaughter in those states.

Unfortunately, there are slaughterhouses in New Jersey, Nebraska, and Florida. There are other 'backyard' slaughterhouses in the US as well. These slaughterhouses slaughter for zoos. Passage of the federal legislation will end this via the 'for other purposes' clause. This means an equid cannot be slaughtered for any reason.

Additionally, well known and respected researcher and analyst, Valerie James-Patton is investigating the origin of all the geldings listed on the USDA Export report from Texas to Mexico. Valerie speculates that the geldings are actually gelded wild horses taken from BLM holding pens. Sadly, Valerie will most likely be proven correct. Read her insightful blog here.

Chinese Recalls & Korean Domestic Dog and Cat Slaughter Markets

Dog before he was skinned alive in China.

No one could miss the coverage of recalls of products made in China. It started with dog and cat food, but has come to include toothpaste and toys.

Due to the brutality the Chinese inflict on animals, why not return any product you may purchase that clearly states 'Made in China' to the Chinese Embassy with a receipt and a demand for reimbursement.

The address to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. is:

Tel:(202) 328-2500

Please be polite but explain that the product is not safe and you object to the brutal way they treat their animals. Not only do they skin dogs and cats alive for their fur, they also put horses with big cats so the cats can hunt them. Zoo patrons consider this entertainment.

Listen to this report from the Wall Street Journal regarding the recalls.

A side effect of the pet food recall is price gouging by Ralston Purina. A sample reveals they have decreased the weight of their 'O.N.E.' products from 4 lbs. to 3 lbs. The price has increased from 5.99 to $6.99 per bag for the three pound bags.

Sadly, the Chinese are not the only culture that brutalizes domestic animals. In Korea, certain pure breeds of dogs and cats are considered 'fashionable.' When the particular breed goes out of fashion, these pets are brought to market where customers can choose the animal to be slaughtered for their dinner.

The dogs and cats are kept in cages, and when the customers approach, the dogs wag their tails because they think they are going home. This is perhaps the cruelest form of animal abuse because the dogs and cats wait in anticipation of being freed and going home to their families. Pure bred Malamutes, Cocker Spaniels, German Shepherds, and street dogs are stuffed into cages for eventual human consumption. The IDA report can be viewed here. **This video is graphic and not acceptable for young children.

Omak Suicide Race

The Omak Stampede and Suicide Race took place again in August. This race is referred to as a 'Suicide Race' due to the fact that many of the horses die in the race. The term 'suicide' is inappropriately used as it is not suicide, it is equicide.

The horse in the photograph above is on his back struggling not to drown and his 'rider' is attempting to keep the horse's head above water. The horse may, in fact, be dead. Unfortunately, the Animal Welfare Act does not protect these horses, and there does not exist a Washington state statute prohibiting this 'event' which takes place over four nights.

S.H.A.R.K. has had some success persuading companies to remove their sponsorships, however, the local vendors capitalized due to the lack of competition.

PAWS has been the leader in attempting to abolish this 'race.' The Omak Suicide Race can be viewed here. A report by the Wall Street Journal can be heard here.


United States Senate Seal

The Senate is majorly behind on their agenda. Several major appropriations bills, including their version of the Farm Bill will require provisional funding as the Farm bill expired on September 30, 2007.

According to the Agricultural Observatory, the Senate has not even started drafting their bill. They are also behind in paying a modicum of attention to S.311, their version of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

The Senate has also had HR 249 for months as that bill passed in the House and was referred to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources on April 25th, 2007. The committee has not yet scheduled it for a hearing. This bill will restore the 'Wild and Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971'.

The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (S.1915) failed in the Senate in December of 2006. The current bill has only 31 cosponsors to date. S.311 is currently languishing in the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. HR 503 has 186 cosponsors to date.

Note bene: ANY American can contact any committee member even if you are not a constituent. Here is the directory for the 110th Congress.

This is how voting is done in Texas.

Willow - Finally Home!

Willow at her New Home

Willow is a lovely liver chestnut colored Canadian Thoroughbred mare. She is 8 years old and has had a new owner every year since the age of two. She will now have a lifetime home with Manes and Tails via our free lease program.

Our organization stipulates that we can recall a horse we free lease with 30 days notice to the lessee, or immediately if necessary. We will also take a horse back for any reason with 30 days notice. This guarantees the horse a wonderful quality of life because it will never be abused, homeless, sold, or slaughtered.

Due to potential horse theft, all of our horses will be freezemarked on the neck and hip. A unique number will appear on the neck, and on the hip USA NO KILL will be evident. Some people may not like the looks of a freezemark and worry that they will have points deducted in shows. However, the freezemarks exhibit responsible ownership. Microchips cannot be seen, and they are only checked during the exsanguination phase of the slaughter process. For more information about freezemarks, visit NetPosse.

Phar Lap or Secretariat?

'Phar Lap' - New Zealand bred - Australian Trained

For a change of pace, enjoy historical films of Australia's Wonder horse - Phar Lap. Phar Lap's name means 'lightening' in the Maori language of New Zealand. Was 'Phar Lap' a better horse than 'Secretariat'?

The film of Phar Lap was his only race in North America - the 'Agua Caliente' in which he was running on a bleeding split hoof! The film of 'Secretariat' is his Belmont Stakes triumph in 1973 when he was the Triple Crown winner.

Phar Lap won all but 4 of his 51 races. Secretariat had 21 starts, 16 wins, 3 places, and 1 show. Take the poll here.

The videos can be downloaded by right clicking on the link, or viewed locally by clicking on the link. Depending upon your internet connection, the videos may not play until they have downloaded. Just click on the 'play' button of your media player. All files are mpgs.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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