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Cripple Crown Edition

                    Ruffian ~ RIP 1975                     Barbaro ~ RIP 2007                     Eight Belles ~ RIP 2008
Ruffian Barbaro Preakness 2006 Eight Bells Derby 2008
'Ruffian' was the greatest American filly to ever grace a track. Her barn name was 'Sophie' and all whom are old enough to remember the 'Great Match' on July 6, 1975, witnessed 'Ruffian' break down in the race against 'Foolish Pleasure.'

Her breaking down was not drug related, as this did not start until after her death. If there had been a pool for her to be placed in after her surgery, she may have survived.

The loss of 'Ruffian' will always break our hearts however, Ellen Parker of Pedlines states that it was the 'Native Dancer' in her bloodlines that contrubuted to her fracturing her sesamoid bones. Note that 'Ruffian's legs are perfectly in proportion to her body.

For all of her irrefutable talent, she was simply unlucky that summer afteroon. Veterinary medical technology did not exist to the extent it does today.

'Ruffian' is buried in the infield at Belmont near the flagpole with her nose pointed towards the finish line. She remains the 'gold standard' by which all fillies are judged.

'Barbaro' was a gorgeous, overly built colt who was massively talented depite human interference. Unfortunately, by the look of his 'toothpick' legs compared to his massive body, they seemed somehow not to 'fit.'

We know that 'Barbaro' was bred for speed, but that he was admittely a victim of 'lasix.' From the looks of 'Barbaro,' he was getting more than simply lasix which has a terrble impact on bone density.

'Barbaro' could have easily been fitted with a prosthetic leg and could have covered a mare. In the end, 'Barbaro' was the victim of an egotistical veterinarian who hacked off 80% of his 'good' left hind hoof when 'Barbaro became laminitic. We were also told that 'Barbaro' foundered 'over the weekend' which led to him being euthanized on January 29th, 2007.

No knowledgeable horse person would recess 80% of a laminitic hoof and expect it to grow back. 'Foundering' over the weekend is ludicrous.

If the goal was truly to keep 'Barbaro' alive, then why did he not get a prosthetic leg? Additionally, why was his pony not brought to him? In short, it is the opinion of this author that 'Barbaro' was a guinea pig.

'Eight Bells' was clearly doped as the video linked below irrefutably proves. She was galloping on her broken ankles far before she crossed the finish line 5 lengths behind Derby winner 'Big Brown.' She was able to 'run through the pain' because she didn't feel any. There are ways to mask the use of drugs.

'Eight Belles' did not collapse from a coronary as the Thoroughbred industry is reporting. The filly was doped, as are all race horses of any breed, including Quarterhorses and Standardbreds. 'Doping' is an industrywide problem. The owners and trainers lie about it, and the vets stay silent, or blame the cause of death on a heart attack.That is exactly how her death was reported.

In ALL forms of American horse racing, the horses are started too young. The great 'Man O' War' was not a Triple Crown champion. This was because 3-year-old Man O' War was not entered in the Kentucky Derby as his owner, Samuel Riddle, rightly believed it was too early in the year for a young horse to go a mile and a quarter.

The only relief for these horses is to be found under the RICO Act as 'doping' interferes with gambling. Gambling is the main attraction to the 'Sport of - now dethroned - Kings.' The Triple Crown can be properly referred to as the 'Cripple Crown,' and that is revolting.

'Ruffian' in her last race, referred to as the 'Great Match.'

'Barbaro' in his 'Preakness' race in 2006.

'Eight Bells' in her tragic 2008 'Run for the Roses.'


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