Caspian Horse

Caspian Horse

Breed Conservancy
Manes and Tails Organization rescues slaughterbound horses. There may be an over population of some of the most commonly slaughtered breeds of horses (American Quarterhorses and Thoroughbreds) however, there are breeds of horses, ponies and donkeys that desperately need conserving or they will become extinct.

We have a particular interest in conserving the Dales pony, the Fell pony, the Cleveland Bay horse and the Caspian horse.  In the case of the Cleveland Bay, the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy  reports that there is an estimated global population of 500.  The Caspian horse occupies the same status: critical.  The Dales pony and the Fell pony are classified as 'threatened with an estimated global population of less than 1,000.

We are aware of the difficulty in obtaining breeding stock, however, it is part of our mission and we intend to make best efforts to obtain breediing stock and raise awareness of these endangered breeds.



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