NYPD Jack Frost

NYPD's Most Famous Retiree ~ 'Jack Q. Frost'


'Jack Q. Frost' was the largest horse on the NYPD Mounted Police Unit. 'Big Jack' also served on the Philadelphia force; when that force was disbanded, NYPD gave him a new job. Jack was reclaimed by his donor in 2007.

NYPDCommissioner Ray Kellyrefers to the Mounted Unit as the '10 foot tall cops' because they areable to see a distance of five city blocks from the backs of theirhorses. Being a Mountie is not all parades and community policing, theMounties do make arrests and they are 'moving targets'.  AMounted Officer has not only his or her own welfare to be concernedabout, but that of their mount as well.

Some NYPD horses have beendonated by the New York Daily News.These horses bear the name 'Daily News' or 'Sunday News'followed by the number of the donated horse.  

Retired NYPD horses are nowadopted to carefully screened applicants who agree to provide a certaintype of environment and a defined standard of care.  Youngerhorses can be ridden, and older horses are wonderful companion horses. It is a fallacy to think that police horses are 'bombproof.'While they may be more tolerant of the busy city environment, anyhorse will react to something that startles him.

Manes& TailsOrganization has committed to adopting a retired NYPD horse.Providing retired police horses with a permanent home is part ofour mission. Unlike some of our other rescues, the retired policehorses will never be free leased.  


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